August 28, 2012

Midday host Stephanie Renee is New PD at Talk Station 900 AM WURD

Singer Steps into New Role as Program Director on Sept. 1st at talk radio station geared towards the African American community

It's only been a few months since Stephanie Renee was hired to replace the late Fatimah Ali as the midday host at 900 AM WURD. The Washington, D.C. native has been a singer for most of her adult life and has made appearances on albums for Jill Scott and Patti LaBelle among others. Now she takes on a new role and has become a natural as a radio host. She says...

"As you all know, one of the developments that demanded my permanent move back to Philadelphia was being hired as a daily show host on 900 AM WURD. My program, The Mid-Morning MOJO, airs from 10a to noon, and it has been a great joy to bring news, information and all kinds of music to my audience. I happen to be the only woman with a daily show in the station's lineup, so it's also fun to bring my effervescent estrogen onto the airwaves! It seems that it is my destiny to be the "pet girl" in most of the endeavors I undertake, but I don't mind. There is great flexibility and necessity in being the "only" in such situations, of which I take complete advantage.

The big news is that, as of September 1st, I'll be stepping into the role of Program Director at the station! This means that it will be responsibility to create a more unified soundscape and focus for all of our shows, streamlining our administrative processes and elevating our vision to appeal to our ever-expanding audience…thanks to the moves we've made this year to capitalize on our digital properties. If you haven't already downloaded our 900amWURD app for Android or iPhone, please do so! You can also stream us live online, so you absolutely do NOT have to live in Philly to enjoy the station's offerings. There will be more updates coming to the website soon (, so please bookmark us or pop into the app regularly for updates. I'm hitting the ground running as of Labor Day!"

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