August 30, 2012

Project 9-6-1 is Gone, Power 96.1 is "Atlanta's New Hit Music Station"

Clear Channel Media + Entertainment has flipped active rock station Project 96.1 to Top 40 "Power 96.1." The station will feature Elvis Duran and Atlanta area native Ryan Seacrest as the morning and midday hosts.

The station introduced the change to their listeners by playing a wide variety of music before airing a loop of The Fugees "Ready Or Not" ...ready or not, here I come, you can't hide" over and over, before breaking into LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem" the first of "9,600 songs in a row."

Ryan Seacrest made a surprise appearance at the Jennifer Lopez concert at Philips Arena in the ATL to announce the new station to the audience.  Check out Atlanta area listeners' reaction and some [VIDEO] reaction below:

We received a response to our post and a movement to get Project 9-6-1 back on the air is afoot...

**explicit** language


  1. This is BS!!! We want Project 9-6-1 back!!!!!!

  2. Bring back Project 9-6-1 no more pop station

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Who needs another top 40 station? WE WANT FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH!

  5. Corporate radio like Clear Channel only see the value of POP music stations. Then they wonder why we like Youtube and the internet for real music. smh More ryan seacrest, katy perry, carly whatever and nicki minaj. Really? corporate BS

  6. Well, this is new. Welcome to the site, users!

  7. This is the video they should have used for project


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