August 27, 2012

The Ever Popular Star and Buc Wild Has a NEW Morning Show on "SHOT 97"

Star, Something About Your Site Looks Familiar

Star aka Troi Torain, who remains popular despite not being on terrestrial radio since July 2011 at the former 100.3 The Beat in Philly, launched a morning show of his own back in July of this year on a web radio station called SHOT 97. The Star and Buc Wild show broadcasts live five days a week (7-11am). The station features hip hop and the rants of Star.

So why the name "SHOT 97" for the name of the station?

Well they're actually taking a shot at New York City's Hip Hop radio station Hot 97 (WQHT). Two incidents led to the nickname "Shot 97", which is credited to the Wendy Williams Experience, at the time on WBLS. In February 2001, a shootout erupted between the posse of rappers Lil' Kim and Foxy Brown in front of the offices of Hot 97 on Hudson Street, which led to one of Lil' Kim's bodyguards being injured.

In February 2005, gunfire erupted in front of the same place between 50 Cent's crew and The Game's "entourage." The Game was quickly met by 50 Cent's crew after being notified he was at the front entrance of the building. A friend of 50 Cent pulled a gun and shot at The Game and his entourage. A bullet hit a member of The Game's entourage in the leg.

Now as far as the tag line of the station's website "Radio, Media, Music"... We're not quite sure what inspired it (sounds familiar right?) ...but since we did not copyright it, ...all we can say is thanks for the shout out.

Here's a taste of the Star and Buc Wild unfiltered Morning Show at Shot 97...

After our original post Star contacted us regarding the name of his website Shot 97:
Here is the letter that was sent to Star

@UrbnRadioNation Thanks for the press but I actually created the name (Shot97) back in 1997

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