September 7, 2012

102.3 KJLH's Dominique DiPrima on Radio Row at Democratic National Convention

CHARLOTTE, N.C.-- Dominique DiPrima has one of the most unusual shifts at one of the nation’s most unusual radio stations. The daily news, information, and talk program runs from 4:30 to 6 a.m., which she says is fantastic.

“It’s rush hour,” DiPrima says from her broadcast booth at Time Warner Cable Arena. Her station is KJLH-FM and the city is Los Angeles. By the time “The Front Page With Dominique DiPrima” hits the air, the 405 freeway is already a river of brake lights.

One of the things that makes KJLH unusual is that it has a mix of talk shows, music and religion. Radio consultants have advised the owner to focus on a single format, but it’s the only station he owns, and he likes to do it his way.

His name is Stevie Wonder. He’s owned it for 40 years, and DiPrima says he’s intensely involved. “He calls us on the hotline during a break and will say, ‘That was good’ or ‘Ask him this question,’ ” she says.

Read more of this article 'On Radio Row, DNC is talk of the town' at the Charlotte Observer.com

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