September 10, 2012

Big Sean Keeps "Cool Man" During Burp Question Interview

And NO, Big Sean did not get up and leave... but he should have

G.O.O.D. Music artist and rapper Big Sean appeared with radio personality Buster of Wired 96.5 (WRDW) at a table set up in an overcrowded media room prior to the 2012 MTV VMA's. The host actually asked Big Sean if he was about to burp as he was beginning the interview... That was a great question, wasn't it? Especially given the fact that it wasn't audible. (That means no one could hear it on the air.)

We give props to the rapper for not losing his cool during the interview while he was able to work through the less than impressive questions. Very professional, unlike a certain R&B singer that went on a promotional tour a couple of weeks ago. Maybe he could have taken a few pointers from Big Sean who seems to be a down to earth dude.

Buster on Wired 96.5

 pfft... yeah right. That was hilarious.

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