September 24, 2012

Tom Joyner Delivers Passionate Message at NAB Convention

Radio Show produced by RAB and NAB - Tom Joyner Keynote Speech with Passionate Message

Hardest working man in radio delivers passionate speech on serving community and still having the fire to get up at 3:00 a.m. to interact with one listener at a time

The radio show produced by the RAB and the NAB concluded today with a passionate keynote speech by Tom Joyner from The Tom Joyner Morning Show. While Joyner currently reaches over eight million listeners in 105 markets, he reminded people that he launched the show at the NAB Radio Conference in 1993 from the very ballroom the event took place in today. Joyner noted the following in his speech:

-“After all these years, I’m not going to kid you, getting up at 3AM is not easy to do, but once I know what I’m going to do that day, The Tom Joyner Morning Show, I’m excited.”

-“Every day we look to entertain, inform and empower. Yes, we have some laughs, but that’s what gets people focused and that’s what radio is about.”

-“Last night at the Marconi Awards, I saw something that was very special – a room full of people that were very passionate about what they do.

-“Every morning for the four hours of my show, I have to win 16 quarter hours, not 12 out of 16, not 8 out of 16, we have to be on for every moment serving our audience.”

Joyner closed his speech noting that Dan Mason of CBS Radio was to receive the NAB National Radio Award recognizing his lifetime service to radio. While Joyner has run virtually every leadership and broadcast award, he said that this was one award, the NAB Radio Award, that he was still aspiring to receive…the hardest working man in radio, still working toward that. The radio show produced by RAB and NAB took place at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, Texas September 19-21, 2012 www.radioshoweb.com.

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