September 21, 2012

WYZE & WRFG Atlanta Make It Rain with Tim Greene

Blind Teen Directs Inspirational Documentary

Heritage station WYZE and 100,000 watt powerhouse WRFG welcomed Feature Film Writer/Producer/ Director and Cooling Out host Tim Greene to Atlanta Georgia  with his “Make it rain with greatness” 25 city tour.

Tim who is also known as the Walt Disney of Hip Hop Filmmaking made it rain with Awards Of Excellence and Thunderstorm with prizes on kids who had straight A’s on their report cards recently at a free family friendly screening of one of his new films “The Re-Programmers”, which tells the story about kids with super powers who re-program the thugs in their hood who are up to no good. Fox 5 News-Atlanta also stopped by to cover the event, and Tim Greene recently had one of the top national news stories on Tom Joyner’s “Black America Web” and was featured on National Public Radio about introducing Elizabeth Harrington, the world’s only 15 year old blind film director.

Elizabeth is completely blind, and co-directs with Tim by using her hearing and other senses to direct the cast on set. She was born with anophthalmia, which means without eyes. Her eyes are prosthetics and she also has cerebral palsy, but she never let's that stop her from fulfilling her dreams. Chicago, Charlotte, Houston, Philly and San Francisco are the next stops for the “Make it rain with greatness” tour in the United States and the tour hits overseas in November.

[LISTEN HERE] to a report from WAMU about Elizabeth Harrington

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