October 17, 2012

Cee Lo Green Sings FU at Obama Fundraiser: Explained on TJMS

Photo credit: Rance Elgin/BlackAmericaWeb.com
Cee Lo Performed the not ready for radio version of F*U

This morning on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, Cee Lo Green joined Tom, the TJMS crew and in studio audience live for the 6:00 ET hour. He talked about his new Christmas Album,  "CeeLo's Magic Moment", his childhood growing up in the SWATS neighborhood of Atlanta, his wardrobe, The Voice, his mom, his thoughts on President Obama’s debates, and explains that “little incident” that took place when he performed the explicit version of Forget You at a fundraiser for Barack Obama held by Tyler Perry.

Cee Lo performed his hit "Fool For You" and "This Christmas" from his upcoming Christmas album being released on October 30, 2012.

He even broke down some of his old school breakdancing moves with Tom Joyner!

Photo credit: Rance Elgin/BlackAmericaWeb.com
Regarding the Presidential 1st Debate - I think people need to be reminded that our president is not only black but he’s human. He can’t be a mechanic twenty four hours a day. That’s what I took from it. I’ve never seen him on an off moment ever.  That’s the first time I’m ever seen him be off; or perceivably off.

Regarding Performing the Explicit Version of Forget You at Fundraiser for President Obama - The Fundraiser was at Tyler Perry’s studios in Atlanta and they had three separate rooms… I was in the general admission room and the President or the First Family neither one we present when that little incident took place. I figured the song was famous enough and everybody was an adult in there…

Full audio from the interview can be found on BlackAmericaWeb.com – Part 1: , Part 2: , Part 3:

 [VIDEO] Cee Lo Green’s “In Studio Jam”

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