October 15, 2012

Veteran Talk Show Host Bernie McCain Has Died

McCain Hosted Afternoons at Washington D.C.'s 1450 WOL Radio

Bernie McCain was a radio veteran of over 45 years whose career has crossed numerous media outlets and many continents. Bernie’s career began in Newark, N.J. at WNJR.

Bernie worked in Radio and TV in many cities across the U.S., including Cleveland, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Richmond, San Francisco, Oakland, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. He has also worked in Europe, South America and Africa.

Bernie has held many titles including Music Director, News Director, Program Director,
Talk Show Host, General Manager, News Photographer and Cinematographer. He was
responsible for assisting in the launch of two stations (WKIE in Richmond & 2DK in

Bernie has also lived in London, Paris, Germany and Venezuela, Washington, D.C. and
Maryland. Bernie served as the first Program Director of Radio One’s first station (WOL)
in 1980.

[LISTEN HERE] to shining moments of Bernie McCain at the 1450 WOL radio website.

Talk show host Bev Smith has called McCain an African American legend. She said "Uncle Bernie" was the wise man in the community, the calming voice, and a man who could organize African American men like no other in that area.

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