December 20, 2012

Al Sharpton is the Top Black Talker in Social Media

From Rob Redding of Redding News Review- Civil rights activist, radio and TV talk show host Al Sharpton is the top national black weekday talk radio show in the country in social media, according to a study conducted by

Sharpton is reaching nearly 350,000 people with his social media outlets. Sharpton has more than 240,000 folks following him on Twitter and another 98,000 plus on Facebook.

Talk show host Joe Madison comes in at second with 20,000 fans - with 7,000 plus on Twitter and 13,000 plus on Facebook.

Warren Ballentine rounds out the top three with 17,000 fans - 13,000 plus on Twitter and 4,000 plus on Facebook.

See the complete list below:

The list shows the number of Twitter followers, Facebook fans, and the total of both

1. Al Sharpton 240k 98k 350k
2. Joe Madison 7k 13k 20k
3. Warren Ballentine 13k 4k 17k
4. Jesse Lee Peterson 3,906 837 4,743
5. Rob Redding 1,199 2,376 3,575
6. Armstrong Williams 1,896 1,295 3,192
7. George Wilson 373 160 533
8. Andre Eggelletion 130 116 296.

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