December 12, 2012

Hot 97 PD Ebro Darden Has a Message for New York Rappers, now Rosenberg Fires Back at his boss!

Not Since Summer Jam's Nicki Minaj Dis Has Hot 97 Generated This Much Buzz on the blogs

Ebro Darden, the Program Director at HOT 97 kicks "the realness" on why more under ground rappers in the New York area aren't played frequently on Hot 97. His comments have struck a chord, hit a nerve, and touched off a wave of comments across the internet. Rap blogs, non-hip hop blogs, and those trying to get their music played just don't see eye to eye with Darden, even though he is the program director.

Some of the top comments from YouTube:
Great job on making hip hop worse by not supporting people who are actually good rappers.
And this is coming from the mecca of hip hop? great job, GREAT job NY

Wait, NY rappers have to earn their stripes? What obstacle course did French Montana pass to get on air? Where's the Bronson, Ragazino, eXquire, Saigon, Roc Marciano? As in, WHY AREN'T YOU PLAYING THE NY ARTISTS THAT ARE ACTUALLY KEEPING THE NY SOUND ALIVE?!?!

Morning show host Peter Rosenberg kicks the realness on why his program director needs to play more underground, and why bloggers are hating on his late night show.

Whatever your thoughts...radio, or let's say more specifically urban radio still generates passion from its listeners over what they hear and what is played on the radio.

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