January 14, 2013

PROMO GONE WRONG: Was WPGC Call Letter Change to "WRG3" A Mistake?

Support for Robert Griffin III Goes Wrong for Some

WPGC tweeted the following to its followers: "That's right! We are now WRG3!!! We want to show love & support to @RGIII! Thanks for a great 2012, and here's to a healthy 2013!"

CBS Radio changed the call letters of 95.5 WPGC temporarily to "WRG3" to show appreciation and support of the Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. In the wildcard playoff game lost to the Seattle Seahawks, the franchise quarterback torn ligaments in his knee. [see video below] The Redskins quarterback had surgery and is set for many months of rehab before next season begins.

While we're sure some of the WPGC's listeners like the show of support- the new call letters were not loved by everyone. Tweets from twitter went a little like this:

You guys are complete idiots. RT @WPGC: Hail to the Redskins!! WRG3 95.5!!!  pic.twitter.com/JAaftOCB

This does NOT make up for firing Big Tigger RT @WPGC: we're changing our name to.....WRG3!!!! Hail to the Redskins!!!!

WRG3 ?? They gotta chill

You know a city has a SERIOUS image problem when one of its radio stations changes its call letters to WRG3 to "support a football player"

Hey @WPGC, I know a lot of non-profits, charities, local businesses, etc, that would enjoy the attention you're giving a rich athlete today. [source]
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