March 29, 2013

Russ Parr Chats with Tom Joyner on TV One's Premiere of “The Undershepherd” [AUDIO]

TV One Airs the controversial movie twice over Easter Weekend

When you look at the title “The Undershepherd” you’re thinking ‘this is going to be a cute movie.’ It ain’t that kind of movie. -Russ Parr

From BLACKAMERICWEB.COM In “The Undershepherd,” radio personality and filmmaker Russ Parr takes on the black church and pastors who use their power for personal gain rather than helping their congregations. Parr told an audience at the American Black Film Festival last year, where the film premiered, that he met with some resistance in the black church but forged ahead anyway as the story needed to be told. The film won Best Narrative Feature, Best Actress and Best Director at the festival.

In “The Undershepherd,” Isaiah Washington of “Grey’s Anatomy” fame plays a Lawrence “LC” Case, a pastor looking to advance in the church who comes into conflict with his best friend, his lead pastor and ultimately, himself. Lanman Rucker plays Roland, a young pastor who realizes his friend has gone too far astray to help, and Malinda Williams is LC’s long-suffering wife who has problems of her own.

LISTEN HERE to the [AUDIO] from the Tom Joyner Morning Show

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