July 11, 2013

Kendra G and Mo Ivory Have Officially Joined Ryan Cameron at V-103

Kendra G
Mornings at V-103 are coming together with News, Information, and Entertainment 

Throughout his years as a morning or afternoon radio personality in Atlanta, Ryan Cameron has usually had a female co-host bringing the traffic report along with entertainment news. But when Ryan was given the reigns of hosting mornings at V-103 this year, his only co-host was veteran traffic reporter Crash Clark. Ryan and Crash held down afternoons before the exit of Frank Ski and Wanda Smith as morning hosts at the station.

Slowly but surely that co-host role that had been held one time or another by Atlanta media personalities Rashan Ali, Elle Duncan, and C.J. Simpson has now been officially filled on a permanent basis by not one, but two talented media personalities.

Kendra G who had been working as a part time on air personality at V-103 and Mo Ivory, who hosts her own talk show on sister station WAOK have been added to The Ryan Cameron Show on V-103.

Here's more from the AJC.

FROM RODNEY HO ACCESS ATLANTA I spoke with both Mo Ivory and Kendra G earlier this week, just a few days after their place on Ryan Cameron's morning show was made official. I also nabbed a few minutes with Cameron himself in his cramped office at V-103, which he shares with the team at Colony Square in Midtown.

Cameron said he was seeking voices that would enable his team to have expertise in multiple venues. "Kendra is definitely in the entertainment lane and is a force in that spot," he said. "Mo is politically connected. She's like our on-staff legal expert."

Mo Ivory
He also wanted seasoned pros with radio experience who "could jump right in with Crash [Clark] and myself," he said. Both Mo and Kendra fit that bill. They could both joke it up about "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" one moment and deal with serious issues such as the Trayvon Martin murder case the next.

Now in their third month together, Cameron said they are jelling: "We had some radio trainwreckes early on but everyone is learning the cues. I'm like the quarterback. I'm going through reads. I may look at Crash and he may not have anything. Or Kendra may not have anything. So we go to the next topic. Or if all else fails, we shut up and play a song!"

Kendra G originally moved to Atlanta for Mark Cuban's AXS channel as a TV correspondent. But she always had her eyes on V-103 after 13 years in radio including stints in Philadelphia and Chicago radio. V-103's program director Reggie Rouse hired her first as a part-time personality. But when Cameron had an opening, Kendrda gave it a try in late April and never left.

She is the youngest on the team and single to boot. "I'm like wildfire," she said. "Anything goes with me. I'm on the streets definitely. I believe my role is to be out there."

Mo, a New York native and Spelman College graduate, has had a multi-faceted life. She graduated Temple University Law School, interned with the Supreme Court and became an entertainment attorney with Virgin Records. She worked with the Roots and Rodney Jerkins as clients.

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