July 30, 2013

Meet Media Power Couple: Marc Clarke and Allison Seymour

Marc hosts The Hang Suite on WHUR and Allison is the News Anchor on FOX 5 DC

The couple gives great advice on marriage...
From BlackandMarriedwithKids.com 
by Christine St. Vil

Meet power couple Marc and Allison. They have been married over thirteen years and have three gorgeous daughters: twelve-year-old Sydney, eleven-year-old Skylar, and eight-year-old Spencer. Marc has hosted top rated morning radio programs in many cities including St. Louis, Baltimore and Washington D.C. His lovely wife Allison is a morning news anchor for Fox 5 DC. The power pair also appeared in Lamar & Ronnie Tyler’s first film, Happily Ever After: A Positive Image of Black Marriage.

BMWK (BlackandMarriedwithKids.com): Let’s start with your journey to marriage. How did you two meet?

Allison: I’m an East Coast girl but I took a job in St. Louis and I met Marc on the first day of my job as a reporter for a television station there. We were covering the same event, and he just came over and introduced himself. I would see Marc around and felt that we liked each other. He asked me out and like they say, the rest is history.

But he asked me out and then we didn’t speak for a couple of months, until I had to call him and ask him—well I won’t tell you what I said—but I did say to him, ‘What happened, did you quit me?’ And he said, ‘I was just going to call you giirrrrl’ [laughs]. So when we finally went on our date, we were really inseparable. Everything moved rather quickly once we got on the same page. We met in August 1998, engaged the following June and then married in April of 2000.

Marc: I know it sounds cliché but I really was just getting ready to call Allison [laughs]. I was trying to get my life together because she was serious. That line, ‘You quit me’ was really a clue into why I not only love her so much, but also like her so much. It was so funny and perfect. When she said that, I melted. So after that, we started seeing each other and have been together ever since. We were at the right time in our lives.

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Marc Clarke at the old Majic 108 KMJM in St. Louis with fellow on-air personalities Deneen Busby and Tony Scott along with someone named Chris Rock

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