August 19, 2013

Russell Simmons Still Doesn't Get It ...That was Harriet Tubman!

But there's still hope for Russell 

In the following interview Russell Simmons seems to not be giving the seriousness to the topic at hand as he should...


Yes Russell you have apologized... but you do have daughters and nieces that are or will become women of African American ancestry. What did you say to them or might say in the future?

Russell you chose to give your first interview regarding this controversy to an interviewer from another You Tube content partner. Really Russell? Still promoting!?! (shrug) (huh?)

This is not an entertainment story.

This controversy warranted an interview by an experienced journalist. Not someone in awe of your celebrity.

Maybe you could have chosen Michael Skolnik, the editor-in-chief at your own Global Grind website and who says he knows your heart. He did a great job of reporting during the Zimmerman trial and is a board member of the Trayvon Martin Foundation.

Remember Russell, when you try too hard to make something funny, it probably isn't.

The only reason why we think Russell Simmons might finally get it is the following tweet.

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