August 8, 2013

The Audrey Chapman Show Has Ended on 96.3 WHUR

Last Call

96.3 FM WHUR has cancelled its Saturday morning call-in relationship show hosted by Audrey Chapman. No announcement about what program will take its place but a "best-of" show will air this Saturday according to the website.

She said, "The show has meant so much to me providing you with mental health advice for over 25 years. I will miss listening to you and helping you with your personal challenges," she writes. "I will hope and pray that you will be guided by the many experts and the information that you've heard over those years."

A little more than a year ago the show was reduced to a one hour program on WHUR, while the second hour that previous aired on 96.3, was only heard on Sirius XM Channel H.U.R. Voices. The program was one of the most important and progressive talk shows on Urban radio and will be missed. 

If you don't know Audrey Chapman, she is a family therapist, author, trainer, and nationally-known relationship expert. She has developed a "tough love" approach to helping men and women develop loving, interdependent relationships, build communication, and take responsibility for their happiness. She has appeared on dozens of national and television programs, including Oprah, Phil Donahue, 20/20, Sally Jesse Raphael, Maury Povich, BET's Tavis Smiley Show, Good Morning America , NPR's Morning Edition, and many, many more; and has been featured in The Washington Post, Essence Magazine, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Ebony, and others. Audrey is a therapist in private practice in Washington, D.C. and has authored several best-selling relationship books.

Here's a sample of The Audrey Chapman Show:

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