August 16, 2013

Why Did Russell Simmons Get a Pass? Removes Offensive Harriet Tubman Video

Didn't you expect more from Russell?

We did after the announcement was made a few weeks ago that Russell had entered into a joint venture to bring original programming to YouTube. Not only does it seem that Mr. Simmons is getting off easily, the lack of controversy surrounding this irresponsible misstep from the "so-called leaders of the community" is deafening.

Does it make sense for Russell Simmons to promote this kind of programming after penning an open letter to CNN's Don Lemon? In the letter titled "Don's a Lemon: Before You Go Back on CNN This Weekend, Read This!", Simmons openly criticized Lemon for attacking the African American community

Perhaps Simmons has now done the right thing. Maybe a little more thought should go into what Russell promotes on the ADD YouTube Channel. He has apologized and has openly criticized himself. The Harriett Tubman video was not funny and it was offensive. Cutting edge comedy in the style of Def Comedy Jam or Dave Chappelle, this was NOT! 

Fortunately not everyone has given Mr. Russell Simmons a pass:

Russell Simmons’ YouTube Channel Posts Comedy Reenactment of Harriet Tubman’s S*x Tape [Video] by Yvette Carnell @YvetteDC BreakingBrown.com

In a capitalist society, nothing is sacred, including the reverence we hold for historical figures. At issue now is a comedy sketch posted on Russell Simmons’ All Def Digital YouTube channel, which shows a fake reenactment of Harriet Tubman’s “off the record” s*x tape.

Of course in real life, there was nothing funny about the Underground Railroad, and “massah” didn’t let Ms. Tubman do anything. She risked her life every time she transported a slave to freedom.

Comedy is comedy, I guess. But is the Russell Simmons who allowed this video to be posted the same Russell Simmons who is going all in on CNN’s Don Lemon for his attitude toward Black America?

Russell Simmons markets himself as sort a New Age guru, but would such a person turn Harriet Tubman into a p*rn queen?

For the most part this video has been removed. However there are few editions of this still floating around on YouTube. 

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  1. Black women should be outraged. Russell don't like you!


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