August 12, 2013

Why Do You Hate Drake? You Got Him All Wrong @Drake

Drake Makes Music for Girls ...He's suppose to be soft and sweet


From The Black Snob @blacksnob Why Didn't Y'all Tell Me: Drake Edition
"Why did y'all tell Me" is a story where I observe something that everyone else already observed and figured out two years ago, but I wasn't paying attention. The first entry is about rapper/singer Drake of whom I was paying no attention to until about July of 2012.

True confession: I listen to Drake.

Not because it’s the greatest music to ever be great. Let’s be serious. We’re talking about Drake. But because I’ve become convinced that for the braggadocio he puts on like a ruffian pastiche to hide his true, velvety self, what the haters say is true.

Drake makes music for girls.

Drake makes music for girls like how Ready for the World made music for my sister in the 80s, like New Edition/Boyz II Men/Jodeci/Shai/Silk did for most of the 90s. Most of his songs are not about how much girls (and by extension “hoes”) are horrible, or should be mistreated as disposable. (Drake usually mansplains why lady disposability comes up so much in rap music.)

His songs are usually about...

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Danielle Belton is an all-around, word hustlin', perambulating pontificator. Creator of the @blacksnob blog. Editor-At-Large for @ClutchMagazine. She is also a contributor on NPR's 'Tell Me More.' 

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