September 17, 2013

Radio One and Radiate Media Partner to Provide Solutions for #SmallBusiness

Interactive One, a division of Radio One and Radiate Media Will Provide Digital Marketing Solutions to Local Small Businesses

Interactive One, Radio One's digital link to urban consumers, and Radiate Media™ have partnered to bring its Radiate360™ digital marketing solution to small businesses (SMBs) in 15 urban markets throughout the United States.

Radio One, the most prominent, urban-oriented multimedia company that targets African American consumers, is now able to offer its small business radio clients easy-to-use and affordable digital marketing solutions, including social media, mobile marketing and directory management.

Radiate Media, a leading provider of software and services that empower and strengthen local businesses, recently launched Radiate360, its new integrated marketing platform, to drive hyper-local business. Radio One will now be able to offer the Radiate360 platform to its local radio group clients.

"The Radiate platform provides a multifaceted solution of integrated tools that are truly capable of addressing the marketing needs of our SMB partners," said Scott Frost, Director of Integrated Marketing, Radio One. "In addition, the training, resources and support that are offered by the Radiate team make the implementation process for my local sales teams a worry-free experience. This will certainly provide a foundation of incremental revenue while engaging our valued clients deeper into our radio station brands."

This marks the largest broadcast partnership to date for Radiate Media and its newly launched Radiate360 product. To date, Radio One has already generated revenue in the six figures within the first 30 days of the partnership.

"Small business owners trust and rely on their Radio One radio partners. What we are doing is expanding what the radio team is able to offer in a way that truly helps small businesses to reach their unique customer base," said Ivan Shulman, President, Radiate Media. "By bringing our digital platform solutions to Radio One's interactive division, we can assist in helping clients to navigate marketing campaigns through social media, reputation management, directory management, local searches and more. Local business owners now have a local solution with their local media company."

One of their products

About Radiate360
Radiate360™ is an easy-to-use online platform that empowers businesses to expand their reach and connect with their customers. With Radiate360's revolutionary suite of tools, businesses can establish an online presence, engage customers through social and mobile media and promote to the local audience that matters most. Create, connect and promote with Radiate360.

About Interactive One and Radio One
Defining the new urban. Interactive One, a division of Radio One, links to millions of urban and multicultural consumers with over 60 sites 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Interactive One is the digital link to urban consumers, reaching millions of Black and Latino audiences.  We are currently #1 in the category with over 60 unique brands on both a national and local level.

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