September 13, 2013

Radio Website Continues to Grab Our Ideas

Former logo of the site in question. Their new
logo and banner mirrors our color scheme
that we designed in 2009. Coincidence? 
Once upon a time a website offered us a writing position. (With one stipulation...) We would have to shut down this site. Thanks, but no thanks.

The site in question recently complained and attacked the radio industry on their writing skills or as they put it their lack thereof. Yes, this blogging thing ain't easy. Good writers are hard to come by. But we still think they think we write for them. When did we say yes, we will write for you?

Over the last few years we've seen countless examples of our "ideas" magically appearing on that site a few hours later. Nothing of course was taken virtually verbatim from Urban Radio Nation until earlier this year. We've addressed the issue privately through email on a story that we first posted on March 18, 2013. You be the judge on this March 19, 2013 story. (If the link to the story disappears then you know why...)

Screenshots are amazing...

Most recently we posted two popular stories filled with exhaustive content on the death of E. Stephen Collins and the Marc Lamont Hill - Huff Post Live interview in wake of the Mister Cee resignation at Hot 97. Again magically much of our content video, links, and sources appeared on that site a few hours later. As if they put it together themselves.

The website owner, a self proclaimed industry insider, acknowledged not knowing much about Collins, even though the Philadelphia radio personality was a part of the radio community for close to 40 years. We doubt if the website owner is all that familiar with the academic and intellectual social work of Dr. Hill as well. Admittedly, it's not something we authored, however reading something and then taking credit for the legwork we did is more than disingenuous. It's wrong. OF COURSE it's available to everyone, but we are not a news gathering source or a subsidiary of that site. As we said before ...blogging ain't easy.

We could go into a litany of other examples over the last few years, however it would defeat the purpose of this post. Just know that you should really check here first if you want thought provoking posts about radio and pertinent information about media and music. If you decide to, you can go there second to see if it's there too. That's what we do. We check them.

And now we will keep them in check.


If case you didn't know we've been doing this for awhile.

UPDATE - We have received an apology for the use of our story in their post from March 19, 2013.

We were also told that our blog was seldom read by them. But apparently it was read...

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