October 14, 2013

Family Friend Stacy Brown Exposes Family Life of The Jacksons

"Katherine Jackson called son Michael a homophobic slur"

This is the headline that leads the story in the New York Post, one of the most sensationalized newspapers in the country.

But what do you expect with a family with that many members and that many personalities? Some things within a family unit are not going to work perfectly...will it? We can only conclude that the Jackson family is dysfunctional like the rest of us including the Kennedys.

From the NEW YORK POST- After a chance meeting as a young fan, Stacy Brown became friends with Jermaine Jackson — and later the rest of the Jackson family, including Michael. He helped write some of their memoirs, traveled on their tours, and even gave them loans (never to be repaid). Here, for the first time, Stacy explain what it’s like to be friends with the strangest family in America.

Randy Jackson, the second-youngest of the storied musical dynasty, likes to call his family “the black Kennedys.”

Maybe. But they certainly weren’t as smart with their ­finances as the Kennedys.

Even before this month, when the family lost a $40 billion lawsuit against AEG over the death of Michael Jackson, they’ve struggled with debts. Especially when the family’s richest members, Michael and Janet, decided to cut off their seven other siblings and parents out of whim or spite.

A particularly low point came in 2003. No money was coming in, few of them had actual jobs and ­Janet gave but one gift to her siblings: free meal cards to Baja Fresh, a fast-food chain with which she had an endorsement deal.

The story continues at the New York Post...

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  1. Why did they all think they could live off of Michael and Janet the rest of there lives.


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