October 17, 2013

Rev. Al Sharpton's View on Using the N Word, Agree or Disagree?

Rev. Al Sharpton visits Wendy Williams to promote his new book, The Rejected Stone. Among the topics of discussion was his weight loss, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's possible run for president, how he deals with "haters" in the African American community, and his on going battle against the N Word used in music and throughout the Hip Hop community.

When you think about it, Rev. Al makes a lot of sense here.

To the rappers out there listen to what he is saying.


Here is the [full interview]


  1. They do make records with gay slurs, but they don't sell. But Rev. Al knows that is how the music labels make money. And the word n*gga sells. It won't change until they stop making money from off of these rappers and their lyrics.

  2. Google + comment from Shanique Geiger: Many black people descended from the black Asiatic tribe The Nagars. Certain peoples made this derogatory. As a race of black people including myself we should have pride in our ancestral history and use the term "nigger" positively. But first we have to learn the truth of our culture & history.


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