November 17, 2013

Don Lemon talks to Columnist Who Wrote "Why I Hate Being a Black Man"

CNN's Don Lemon, who also has a segment on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, talks with a columnist who wrote about his hatred for the color of his own skin. We find Don Lemon's choice of topic to be quite interesting. However we won't go there. See the [video] interview below.

The article by Orville Lloyd Douglas appeared in The Guardian.

"Every time I sit on a crowded street car, bus, or subway train in Toronto, I know I will have an empty seat next to me. It's like a broken record. Sometimes I don't mind having the extra space, but other times I feel awkward, uncomfortable, and annoyed."

I know I have good hygiene, I dress appropriately, and I mind my own business. However, recently, I finally became cognizant of why people might fear being around me or in close proximity to me: I am a black male. Although Canadian society presents the façade of multiculturalism the truth is Canada has a serious problem with the issue of race.

I didn't realize it until my sister said to me: Orville, people are afraid of you. You are a six foot tall black man with broad shoulders. My sister is right, people don't sit next to me on the street car, the subway or on the bus because they are afraid." My sister is right, people don't sit next to me on the street car, the subway or on the bus because they are afraid.

The issue of black self-hatred is something I am supposed to pretend does not exist. Read more...

We say this writer needs a serious history lesson and needs to stop looking at himself as a victim. May we suggest the PBS series African Americans Many Rivers to Cross that airs each Tuesday until November 26th.

Here's the interview from Don Lemon, will he bring up this subject on his segment on the Tom Joyner Show?

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