February 5, 2014

V-103's Public Campaign to #STOPTHEFIGHT Between George Zimmerman and DMX

The V-103 and CBS Atlanta produced announcements features their on-air personalities Big Tigger, Jean Ross, Greg Street, Mo Ivory, Bubby Love, Ramona DeBreaux, and Wanda Smith. The PSA's encourages listeners to sign a petition to stop the promotion of the "for-profit" celebrity boxing match of a murderer. [LISTEN] to their effort to reach out to the community at V-103.com.

Why would anyone think a boxing match would be a good idea? We hope other stations follow V-103's lead and take action.

The Hot 97 Morning Show made a statement on YouTube about the fight however Rosenberg says he should maybe fight The Game instead. Which is a dumb idea as well. He misses the point. Nobody should get into the ring with Zimmerman.

From V-103.com On what would have been Trayvon Martin‘s 19th birthday, V-103 and its sister station WAOK are joining the fight to stop the highly publicized “celebrity boxing match” between the onetime neighborhood watch volunteer who shot and killed Martin – George Zimmerman – and troubled, multimillion-selling rapper DMX.

A petition began circulating February 2 to block Zimmerman (who was acquitted of Martin’s murder) and fight promoter Damon Feldman from profiting from the death of Martin, the ensuing racial tension and the notoriety Zimmerman has garnered since the 2012 death many perceive as an injustice hit the global stage.
It was announced today that negotiations have begun to make the boxing match a reality, however V-103 and WAOK need your help in making sure that what the stations perceive as an insult to the late Martin’s memory never occurs.

You can view and sign the petition HERE – and please spread the word on Twitter to #STOPTHEFIGHT!

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