March 12, 2014

Bill O’Reilly Clashes with Russell Simmons Over Beyonce’s “Partition”

Does Bill Reilly have a point here? In the music video for the Beyoncé song "Partition," there's some incredibly raunchy imagery, including car sex and a lyric reference to Monica Lewinsky. Bill O'Reilly was fired up about this and confronted Russell Simmons over what kind of message the song and video sends to young black girls when such behavior is glorified by one of their idols.


The following comment is from YouTube:
Only deluded, ignorant, immature & insecure young women would look up to this woman who bleaches her skin to be whiter. There are so many intelligent and moral role models that deserve to be looked up to but the liberal ideology has brainwashed foolish youth into believing this marriage for money and fame is worthy of the attention they seek. They have only been married 6 lousy years so that in itself is a joke. What descent husband pimps out his wife to the public as jay z does? But being shallow and immoral are all it takes to be attracted to this sleazy entertainment.


Here are some other YouTube comments, Which one do you agree with?

-It's not about how she looks or is acting in the video it's about the message that is being sent to her younger audience 

-Beyoncé is all about female empowerment, from all spectrums. She said it in her interview, it's about sex but still her whole album covers all different parts, loving yourself, pleasing your man, being a mom, everything

-Female empowerment? Seriously? They only thing she's empowering with this video is someone's erection....I'm not trying to hate because she makes her money but just like Miley Cyrus, she brought it to the dirty side and beyond....

-jesus i thought she had more class than this. what a wh*re.

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