April 30, 2014

Bomani Jones Gives the Best Commentary Yet on Donald Sterling

ESPN host Bomani Jones called into the Dan LeBatard show on ESPN Radio to give his take on the Donald Sterling situation. In his comments he mentions Chicago anti-violent activist and friend Leonore Draper who was murdered last week near her home following an anti-violence rally. Jones, LeBatard, and "Papi"(LeBatard's father) are seen daily on the ESPN show 'Highly Questionable'.

Check out Bomani Jones in the [YouTube AUDIO] below. Sterling's racists views have been well documented and Jones even wrote about it eight years ago. He has no problem telling those who are outraged now by Donald Sterling's comments are frauds.

“When all these guys get up here and stand on their soapbox and wag their fingers and start talking about ‘oh we won’t tolerate this racism, we won’t tolerate what Donald Sterling said’ what they’re not tolerating about Donald Sterling is the fact that what he said was impolite and what he said was gauche.  That’s what their problem is.

But when Donald Sterling was out here toying with people’s lives on things that really matter, in matters of life in death, the media, the NBA, these sponsors, and all these people now who want to get patted on the back for what good people they are didn’t say a mumblin’ word.  They can all kiss my behind, every single one of them.”

All in all after the memory from the words of Donald Sterling have faded, let's not let the life of Leonore Draper be lost in vain and remember this woman instead of the woman who taped recorded a private conversation that the media has taken hold of and has dumped into the news cycle at an unprecedented level. Sterling's racists practice have been much more damaging.

Bomani Jones (a radio host that we previously profiled) formerly hosted “The Morning Jones” on Hardcore Sports Radio on Sirius XM Radio. From there he became a regular panelist on ESPN's Around the Horn and First Take. Besides the 'Highly Questionable' program, Jones hosts his own internet talk show 'The Evening Jones' Monday nights at 7:30. BomaniJones.com

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