August 1, 2014

James Brown In-Studio with Frankie Crocker at WBLS

James Brown performed many times at The Apollo in Harlem, New York City. One of the emcees that introduced him on stage was radio pioneer, innovator, and larger than life personality Frankie Crocker. As program director at WBLS, he coined the term "urban contemporary"and is largely responsible for the Black music format that exists on FM radio all across the country today.

In the audio below James Brown stopped by the studios of 107.5 WBLS and sat in with Frankie Crocker as "The Chief Rocker" laid down one of his famous on air raps. In the background James Brown provided the beat as Frankie rapped.

Much in the same way James Brown was a influential figure in the music and entertainment industry, Frankie Crocker, in his own way, left his mark on the radio industry. If Frankie's rap sounds familiar to you but you aren't from New York City, its probably because he was imitated and copied by the local DJ in your city. As Frankie might have said, "There is no other like these two soul brothers."

Frankie Crocker's Rap

James Brown with Frankie Crocker at the 11:05 mark

Bonus: Frankie Crocker gives a word about Black music and radio programming that still rings true today. Later on in this aircheck Frankie vowed to play James Brown's music everyday. (Frankie Crocker returned to the airwaves of WBLS after an absence of several years.)
Posted by Skip Dillard the current OM at WBLS
-Check in at the 1:30 minute mark (an understated & smooth opening break despite the hype surrounding his return) A genius move on his part.
-Frankie's brief thoughts on his good friend James Brown at 6:20 minute mark


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