October 13, 2014

Radio One Drops the All News for BOOM 92 Classic Hip Hop

Radio One Houston dropped the All News Station "News 92 FM" last week and began playing a continuous loop of songs from native Houston artist Beyonce as B92 prior to the upcoming format change. The all-Beyonce stunt made international headlines and was mentioned by national media outlets from CBS News to Entertainment Tonight.

At 5 o'clock local time, Radio One launched a new format featuring Classic Hip-Hop as "Boom 92." Expect the station to feature many classic hip hop artists like Biggie, 2Pac, Dr. Dre, Missy Elliott, Snoop Dogg along with Houston area rap groups like Geto Boys and UGK.

How will the Classic Hip Hop fare in Houston? That remains to be seen... however maybe Radio One has taken a cue from Los Angeles station 93.5 KDAY, which has done well with the format. Radio One will couple the Houston urban music market with Boom 92 and its sister station 97.9 The Box. That station until recently was the only Hip Hop station in H-Town. Now there's competition from iHeart Radio's 93.7 The Beat.

The website Radio Insight has noted a potential problem in Radio One's plan. The 'Boom FM' is trademarked by CBS Radio and an application to trademark 'Boom' for use in radio was made by CBS on October 3. CBS has used the 'Boom' on 96.5 KJAQ-HD2 in Seattle.

So maybe they'll call it 'Boom Box 92'...

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