November 11, 2014

DJ Herb, Radio's Best 5 O'Clock Mixer on the Frank Ski Show

Frank Ski Afternoons 3-7 on 96.3 WHUR
Many stations, be it Hip Hop or Urban Adult R&B stations feature a 5 o'clock music mix. Many stations employ a mix DJ whose sole purpose is to make the ride home from work more pleasurable or less stressful depending what the traffic looks like around you.

We've taken a listen to many of these mixes across the country, but for our money, DJ Herb out of Atlanta is by far the best there is. He mixes Monday through Thursday on 96.3 WHUR (Washington, D.C.) on the Frank Ski Show. Listeners can stream WHUR on a smart phone or computer
and get a taste of the mixes heard throughout the DMV each afternoon.

DJ Herb
We don't know much about the Atlanta based DJ other than he was a part of the Ryan Cameron Show on V-103 before Ryan moved to mornings on the station. Herb has an uncanny ability to mix tracks from the 80's right up to today be it hip hop, r&b, house and even some go-go. DJ Herb goes in.

Today on Veteran's Day and other holidays you can hear him mix during the entire show. Reach out to DJ Herb on twitter and listen live to the Frank Ski Show on WHUR from 3 to 7pm EST.  

So now all we can say is "Herb take it from the top!"

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