August 4, 2015

Donnie Simpson is Back on the Radio at Majic 102.3

There was a time when radio called the radio announcer a DJ (Dee-Jay, or Disc Jockey) and he or she was expected to have a personality, spin records, and create their own playlist. In other words--perform and do a show. Now that announcer is called an "on-air personality"-- and ironically they are expected to not have a personality, punch up tracks on a computer, and follow an over researched playlist. Now the DJ plays in a club, a bar-mitzvah, or stands in the background and plays music for a rapper. So with great expectation a radio "DJ" returns to the airwaves.

After five years Washington, D.C. radio legend Donnie Simpson is returning to the local DMV airwaves. Simpson is coming out of retirement and has signed a multi-year radio deal to host “The Donnie Simpson Show” on WMMJ Majic 102.3. [Check out the bank of Video Resources below and Donnie's thoughts about his return] He will also host a television program, that's in development, for the cable network TV One.

Simpson’s radio show will be on the air from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. starting on August 17. Huggy Lowdown his one time sidekick at WPGC (Now with the Tom Joyner Morning Show) will join him on air at Majic 102.3. There is no word yet on whether his other one time partner comedian Chris Paul (also on the TJMS) will join him as well. As of now Paul has a gig at a local DC sports station. 
This will be only the fourth radio job in Donnie Simpson's legendary career. He hosted mornings on WPGC 95.5. and 93.9 WKYS. He began his career at WJLB in Detroit at the age of 15. Simpson also hosted the long running program Video Soul on BET.

Earlier this year Donnie talked to his one time producer Tony Perkins (who you may remember as the weather anchor on ABC's Good Morning America) on a podcast about his radio career. Check out the podcast from May of this year. His announcement of a return to radio in retrospect is quite a surprise.



  1. We have not posted to our site in quite awhile for various reasons. However the overall prevailing reason is that what this site was initially created for was not what it has seemingly become. The number one reason for this site is/was to post stories about radio. Not to become a place for celebrity gossip, breaking new music artists, or even discussing social and political issues facing the African American community outside of radio, simply because Black Talk Radio doesn't exist any longer. We are also not here to re-post radio interviews with performers from other radio station websites.

    We were seeking out those DJ's that were doing great things as an on air personality. No matter what market they were in.

    We wanted the posts to be about radio. Plain and simple. Perhaps one day corporate radio will see the errors of their ways and return to allowing the DJ to be a performer and create a "show." But right now there are more than a few major market programmers that are working in much smaller markets or no longer in radio. So the programmers that are left probably have never seen someone actually do a radio "show" outside of morning drive.

    Nowadays teens and millennials have no idea the name of the on air personality at the station they listen to...and they really don't care. Every kid believes they are a music programmer. They also believe radio serves no other purpose than to play their favorite songs.

    When that mindset changes, which is in the power of corporate radio, then perhaps we can get back to what we do.

    With that being said, we're sure Donnie Simpson has complete and total control of his show. We hope he does exceedingly and extraordinarily well. Welcome back!

  2. It's not what you wanted it to be about. It's about what it is. In "2015' instead hoping for radio to be what it was in the (Past) why not talk about how radio became the way it is in 2015. Hoping for corporate america to have an about face on how it"s able to make money and program peoples minds fostering confusion is like black lives matter thinking you can end police killings by winning their hearts. This is not for you. For you are confused in 2015 america.


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