September 16, 2015

Misconceptions About Afternoons on 96.3 WHUR with Tony, Mo, and George

One urban radio blog out there speculated that the new afternoon show might feature Michael Baisden...??? Really? Well WHUR in Washington, D.C. has a new afternoon show with Tony Richards, Mo Ivory, & George Willborn. The new show is reminiscent of the "The Real DC Morning Show" which featured Richards and Willborn (along with Sharon "TC" Pitt & news anchor Herman Washington) but was replaced to much audience disapproval at the time by the Steve Harvey Morning Show in 2006.

The show promises to be informative, compelling, and entertaining. Tony Richards has shifted roles at the station. He had been doing community segments during The Steve Harvey Morning Show while also hosting Saturday afternoons at 'HUR. Chemistry and familiarity is something the show has right off the bat with listeners. Ivory, who is a regular contributor on CNN, most recently co-hosted on The Frank Ski Show, which ended it's run on WHUR on August 28th.

Ivory and Richards hosted mornings in Philadelphia at the former Philly 103.9 a few years back. Willborn returns to WHUR after co-hosting on the syndicated Doug Banks afternoon show. The 5 o'clock after work release mix will be handled by DJ Herb. He was also the Mix DJ with Frank Ski, and is one of the best in the country. 

The new show will compete in the DC radio ratings with recently hired Donnie Simpson over on Majic 102.3.

It wasn't too hard to figure out Tony Richards was going to be part of the afternoon show based on the promo. A rumor of a return to radio by Michael Baisden was way off based. If Baisden were to return to radio he would be based out of Miami or a top five media market.

Will Donnie Simpson be the hands down winner (as many people think) over the Afternoon Show at WHUR? The way we see it-- One show seems to have chemistry and the one with the legend is struggling to get it.

Updated September 22, 2015

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