August 13, 2016

An Inside Look at The Breakfast Club from Ebony Magazine

Checking In with The Breakfast Club by Erika N. Goodman 

The New York City morning crew bills themselves as "the world's most dangerous radio show." So what's behind their microphone magic?

The World’s Most Dangerous Morning Show” is a brash yet telling promotional tagline for WWPR-FM Power 105’s The Breakfast Club (TBC), the New York City radiocast that has even the most established artists a bit anxious. A stark contrast to its innocent-sounding throwback-to-the-’80s name, the program is fortified by its hard-nosed hosts who, with the flicker of their purple “On Air” sign, can make or break a celebrity’s career.

DJ Envy (Raashaun Casey), Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God (Lenard McKelvey) comprise the show’s unremitting trio. What’s scarier (for nervous guests) is that TBC’s reach extends to 63 stations in 40 markets. Boasting a weekly culmulative audience of nearly 4 million, TBC also saw an increase of 44 percent year over year audience growth in the 18-34 category. Also, it ranks in the top five with young adults across all media markets. And don’t forget about the streaming on Revolt TV, giving them a multi-platform outlet and making the show a required pit stop to reach the youth demographic. EBONY checked in with the gang to better understand their undeniable magnetism, and find out the secret to making morning show magic.

The Pre-Game

It’s 5:21 a.m., and the entire squad is in full-on prep mode at the station, gearing up for their 6 to 10 a.m. time slot. A small army of hair and makeup artists is priming Yee. Envy is toting a Louis Vuitton logo backpack while adjusting the laces on his Nike Air Jordan classic kicks and correcting an assistant about what yogurt he prefers. The third and characteristically most outspoken voice, Charlamagne, is busy wrestling with a fellow staffer, breaking up the shenanigans to inquire about a guest’s schedule ...

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