October 10, 2016

Charlamagne Balances Role of Father, Husband, DJ, Producer With His Twitter

As a husband and father of two little girls he’s adamant about keeping his personal life off social media

Following the most recent P-Word Hollywood Access tapes bombshell coming out of Donald Trump's Presidential campaign, Charlamagne tha god, tweeted out a series of tweets that criticized those that came down hard on Trump. He called many hypocrites and said men have to do better.  

If Charlamagne is anything, he is the master of social media and follows his own rules. Of course he took a hit from many that disagreed with him not coming down extra hard on Donald Trump. But that did not deter him from stating his opinions on men who do say and do one thing in public and say another thing in private.
The radio personality's tweets do signal a change and purpose for Charlamagne. The following article from XONecole reveals a different side of the personality away from the glow of the MTV cameras and the microphone of Power 105.1. He says he will use his platform and celebrity to empower others.

Check out an excerpt from the article below:

Charlamagne Tha God On How He Balances Being A Husband, Father And Executive Producer

Charlamagne Tha God has never been one to be politically correct. As one third of the popular morning show,“The Breakfast Club,” the radio personality doesn’t hesitate to ask any and everything that’s on his mind, which has admittedly gotten him into some trouble over the years. But despite having made more enemies than friends, he’s always honest and true to his brand–and it’s definitely paid off. Off the strength of his name alone he’s snagged roles in television (Empire) and film (Ride Along), not to mention a shout out from Drake in the Grammy nominated diss record “Back to Back.”

But what most people don’t know is that off the mic, Charlamagne is a family man. The South Carolina native is a husband and father of two little girls, and he’s adamant about keeping his personal life off social media.  READ MORE [...]

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