February 6, 2017

Now What DO You Think About This One? J. Anthony Brown Joins the Steve Harvey Morning Show

The New York Daily News is reporting that former Tom Joyner Morning Show Sidekick, J. Anthony Brown will sign on with The Steve Harvey Morning Show when it relocates to Los Angeles this Spring.

Sounds like a good deal for Harvey to help bring back some of the listeners that have abandoned him for Tom Joyner. We also said in our last post that: Perhaps there is a LA based comedian being groomed to take his place. Maybe J. Anthony Brown is the one. In all of this it-- still seems kind of strange that the only hosts that are able to lead an Urban AC syndicated morning show are all over 60 years of age!

(FROM NEW YORK DAILY NEWS - CONFIDENTIAL COLUMN) TV and radio star Steve Harvey is having the last laugh against rival DJ Tom Joyner. For weeks, Joyner has been urging fans who are upset about Harvey meeting with Donald Trump to tune into his radio show instead. Now, Harvey has fired back by hiring Joyner’s sidekick, J. Anthony Brown.

It was announced on Dec. 1 that Brown, who’d been with “Tom Joyner Radio Show” for more than 20 years, would be leaving with one month still remaining on his contract. Now, Confidential has learned that not only will [Joyner(sic)] Brown land on his feet — he’ll also have a chance to step on his former boss’ toes while doing so. We’re told he’s going to start any day now.

This article continues at the NY Daily News [...]

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