April 17, 2017

D.L. Hughley Snags Lead Role in New CBS Sit-Com, Now What About His Radio Show?

Variety, the inside Hollywood trade magazine is reporting that D.L. Hughley has landed the lead role in a new CBS comedy pilot called 'Brothered Up." Hughley hinted on his radio show last week that he cancelled a meeting because of grieving the death of his friend Charlie Murphy. He later revealed that despite missing the meeting, he was hired.

We now find out that this is the role he was referring to. As far as the radio show is concerned, Hughley could do his show from Los Angeles. Executive producer of the show and former local Dallas morning radio personality, Skip Cheatham could do more fill-in work for Hughley as well. No word yet from Reach Media on the future of the show if the pilot gets picked up by CBS. The radio show, which has over 40 affiliates across the country, is heard in New York City, Cleveland, Baltimore, Detroit, Kansas City, and New Orleans.

VARIETY- CBS has re-cast a lead role in the cop comedy pilot “Brothered Up,” replacing original star Romany Malco with comedian D.L. Hughley, Variety has confirmed.

Hughley will star opposite co-lead Adhir Kalyan in the buddy cop sitcom that centers around two cops, an emotionally guarded African-American (Hughley) and an emotionally available Pakistani (Kalyan), who have to find a way to connect as they patrol their Detroit neighborhood. The comedy hails from Mark Gross, co-executive producer on CBS’s “Man With A Plan,” who is writer and executive producer on the pilot. Read more from Variety[...]

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