July 7, 2017

WDAS Radio Personality Patty Jackson and Others Celebrate Kevin Hart Day in Philadelphia

Patty Jackson of WDAS, Mina SayWhat of Power 99, Quincy Harris of #TheQonFox and many others in media along with hundreds of fans celebrated Kevin Hart Day on his 38th birthday in his hometown of Philadelphia. City officials marked the day with a presentation and the unveiling of a mural of Kevin outside of Max’s Steaks on Germantown Avenue in North Philadelphia. The Philly cheesesteak spot is just one block away from the one bedroom apartment where Hart lived with his mother and older brother growing up. Hart uses his childhood experiences and rough upbringing in the heart of North Philly in his stand-up act and comedy concert films. Those sketches added to his popularity over the years which in turn has catapulted him into being the world’s richest comedian.

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