September 15, 2017

Lady B and DJ Touchtone of WRNB Reflect On Surviving Hurricane Irma in St. Martins

Lady B & DJ Touchtone express how thankful they are to be home, and how so quickly we take the little things in life for granite, like running water and electricity.

FROM Justin Thomas and 100.3 WRNB I’ve had my camera on Lady B and DJ Touchtone hundreds of times, but this was by far the most difficult, with Lady B and DJ Touchtone returning home safely after their trip to St. Martin, where Hurricane Irma hit hard & left thousands of people without food, electric, and homes, this was the first time B & Touch got to open up on air and behind the scenes about their first hand experience.

Though they both were terrified during the storm, they made it home okay with their company they traveled with, but their hearts go out to all their friends and family that they have on the island of St. Martin, because if you didn’t know, its basically Lady B’s second home outside of Philadelphia.

This was a very emotional time, and though they are both exhausted, wanted to get back on air for you the listeners who have been reaching out through phone calls and messages all weekend long, we at 100.3 WRNB are glad they have returned safely, and hope and pray for all the victims effected by the hurricanes these past weeks.

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