October 28, 2017

Mina SayWhat Talks to Cardi B After Offset Marriage Proposal at Powerhouse Philly 2017

Mina Saywhat kicks it with Cardi B backstage at Power 99 Powerhouse Philly 2017 for her FIRST interview after getting engaged to Migos' Offset. Cardi spills on the proposal, wedding plans, bridal parties, babies, and more.

Looks like Offset of Migos had other things on his mind.

Most of these Powerhouse or Summer Jam type music concert events are pretty much the same from one city to the next be it in New York, Philly, Atlanta, or wherever. Musical acts perform for free in return for "promotion" and "spins" at a particular radio station. But given the popularity of Cardi B this year, the proposal occurring at a radio station event appears to be an even bigger win for Power 99 and iHeartRadio in terms of cementing their brand across the country and among radio listeners in the Philadelphia urban market. ...or perhaps it was a move out of desperation by Offset. 😂

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