October 16, 2017

Robin Thede's The Rundown Becoming Must Watch TV

The Rundown with Robin Thede premiered with critical acclaim last week following its debut on BET. We speculated that the show needed to be a ratings winner for BET following their past unsuccessful efforts to bring a news commentary format to the network. However The Rundown's core audience will tune to BET to watch it. (If you build it, produce it, put it on TV, THEY WILL COME!) The network it's being shown on seems to be irrelevant at this point, because it is set to develop a following. It's ready to take off. Check out some of the sketches and the mini-concert from the show below.

It's funny! It's fun! And you learn something along the way! It's really good. Really.

Robin Thede tweeted out some of the articles that gave a thumbs up on her new show.

Here's a portion of the article from Vanity Fair magazine:

When Larry Wilmore’s Nightly Show got canceled last year, many fans were understandably frustrated. Wilmore’s was one of only two programs in late night to feature a black host—and at the time, it was the only one with a female head writer. Perhaps it’s fitting, then, that Wilmore’s head writer herself, Robin Thede, has moved on to host her own late-night show. The Rundown with Robin Thede premiered Thursday night on BET, and although it’s got a few kinks to work out—as any new show does—its host has already honed a distinct comedic voice and spirit. And that sensibility gives her program must-watch potential, even in its first week.

Thede’s series opened with a tone-setting sketch: Thede spotting an extremely attractive man . . . who is, unfortunately, wearing a Trump/Pence T-shirt. She then embarks on an ill-fated quest to win his attention—first by wearing a Make America Great Again hat, and eventually by getting a Confederate flag tattoo on her bicep. Then she spots his wedding ring and scolds him for wasting her time before turning to her tattoo artist and asking, “Can you turn that into a Kaepernick jersey or something?” Read the rest of the article from Vanity Fair 

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