November 12, 2017

D.L. Hughley Visits the Angela Yee Hosted Podcast 'Lip Service'

D.L. Hughley sits with the ladies of Lip Service and shares a wide range of stories from his life. Some stories will touch your heart, others will make you cringe. D.L. reveals he was molested at the age of 13, the time he saved a girl from being raped, an instance in which he got into an with altercation with Bill Cosby, and much more.

Here's a snippet of the podcast at the 00:40 mark from the Breakfast Club's Rumor Report. (Promoting the podcast during the radio broadcast is a trend that many on-air personalities are using to get their name and the station's brand out there before the public)  

**This a podcast** Contains (ex) p l i c i t language

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