March 23, 2018

The Fam in the Morning Returns to 93.9 WKYS Following Cathy Hughes' Statement for Healing

After taking some much needed time off 'The Fam In The Morning' is back on the air at 93.9 WKYS in Washington, D.C. First on the show's agenda was to speak on the incident that sent shockwaves throughout the DMV and on social media. Check out the number of views of the following Facebook post.

QuickSilva, Danni Starr & DJ 5’9 discuss the incident on air, apologizes and start the process of moving on.

Right after the incident, Radio One founder, Cathy Hughes issued the following statement which encouraged the morning trio to resolve their differences as a family. Just wondering what that meeting was like with "Momma" Cathy. No doubt there was a lot of tears.

Yesterday I co-hosted The Fam on WKYS 93.9 FM in Washington D.C. with the female talent of this station as an act of solidarity to support the show’s co-host Danni Starr who was placed in an embarrassing situation on live radio Thursday – International Women’s Day. The aftermath of this emotionally charged interaction became national news and has played out on social media for the past 48 hours.
After a full investigation, I’ve learned this incident was a radio prank ‘gone bad.’ None of our talent were adequately informed or prepared to have effectively executed this prank on Danni Starr. We have taken the necessary steps to resolve this matter. I agreed with Danni Starr’s expressed public sentiments that QuickSilva and DJ 5’9 are good guys who would never deliberately harm her or intentionally cause her embarrassment.
I stand firmly behind The Fam and will be providing the team a time of healing and refocus so they can continue to entertain, inspire and inform our listeners in the morning. To that end, next week’s show will be hosted by KYS DC’s afternoon drive personality Angie Ange and Baltimore Q92’s Konan, who himself is DC homegrown.
Once again, I apologize to our listeners who had to experience this most unfortunate incident. I appreciate your continued support of WKYS, but more importantly our talent, Danni Starr, QuickSilva and DJ 5’9. I’m prayerful we all will emerge a stronger family.

Kudos to Cathy Hughes for intervening into this situation and providing a solution. Looking back at the raw emotion that that day produced; coming back together was the last thing anyone could ever had expected.

Now that they are back, everything looks good.

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  1. Ya'll did quick Silva dirty. He been a good dude forever. he has had the streets, clubs, proms, city to city on smash since the early 90s. self-made man. no handouts. no cosigns from a rapper. straight people's choice DJ from the streets. had clubs on smash when he was 12 or 13 yrs old dj-ing in the 90s. he finally gets his own show, and this is how radio one rewards him. we follow the music, then the personality. Not these random peronalities of week ya'll be finding from under a rock. Quick had both top notch dj skills and cool demeanor. And he never went Hollywood. always humble. Danni cool but where was she in the late 90s. Quick was positively moving in the streets with slime and grime reppin hip-hop/house/r and b to the fullest while most were watchin nickelodeon. Quick was dj-ing at clubs most people would be terrified to goto. Quick god got another plan for you. threw him under the bus over a corny skit gone wrong he did not come up with. And Danni reaped the benefit but playing victim. Real Sucka Sh!T


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