March 26, 2018

The 'In the Zone' Podcast with Chris Broussard Talks Celtics, Cavs, Lakers, and Sixers

Celtics play-by-play man Mike Gorman joins the show to discuss Kyrie Irving's similarities to Larry Bird, why Paul Pierce is the best offensive player in Celtics' history, Michael Jordan's 63-point game at the Boston Garden, Danny Ainge's quest for Anthony Davis and why the 2008 title team was his favorite Celtics' team of all time. Finally, Jason McIntyre is back to make the case for Damian Lillard on first team All NBA and why the Lakers have a brighter future than the 76ers.

Here's the lineup on the podcast:

0:00-5:50 – Top 5 Celtics of All Time
6:38-14:46 -  All-NBA 1st Team Lillard or Westbrook?
14:48-20:00 - Who’s better? Wolves with Butler or Spurs with Kawhi?
20:01-27:29 - Best Current Roster: 76ers or Lakers?
28:40-01:15:21 - Mike Gorman interview
30:28-33:57 - Do people underestimate Paul Pierce?
33:58-36:30 - What was you take on Ray Allen missing Pierce’s retirement ceremony?
36:35–38:03 - What are your feelings about the 2008 Celtics?
38:05-40:59 - Do you have any great Kevin Garnett stories?
41:00-42:19 -  Can you compare the 2008 Celtics to some of the great Brid/McHale teams?
42:20 –46:00 - What was it like watching Bird in person?
46:01-47:58 - What was Bird and McHale’s relationship like?
48:01-49:33 - What type of leader was Larry Bird?
49:35-51:41 - What was your first impression of Jordan?
53:56-56:34 - Do you think the Cavs will make the conference finals
56:45-58:45 - Do you think Hayward will be back this season?
58:46-01:01:33 - How far will the Celtics will go in the playoffs this year?
01:01:34-01:04:03 - Do you think the current Celtics has the core of a championship team?
01:04:04–01:05:56 - How special is Kyrie Irving?

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