June 29, 2018

Issac Hayes III tells Frank Ski Why 'Atlanta is the Blueprint for What's Cool' on V-103

It all started when Isaac Hayes III (son of the legendary Isaac Hayes) posted his opinion as far as Atlanta being the hub for everything urban culture but no media outlets to cover it. He expressed how nationally syndicated shows based out of LA and NY are controlling the conversation on the culture we put out. Writing in his caption "#ATL should have the media equivalent to The Breakfast Club, TMZ and Big Boys neighborhood."

This set comments on the worldwide web a blaze, everyone from Joe Schmoe to celebrities and producers liked, shared or commented on the viral post. Morning show host Frank Ski disagreed, inviting Hayes to discuss the topic on-air.

Isaac Hayes was not cool with the fact that overall Atlanta is not the home of Black Media.

He believes:
  • The Breakfast Club syndicated morning show should be coming out of Atlanta
  • Oprah should have considered buying the Atlanta Hawks instead of the Los Angeles Clippers a few years ago
  • Kanye should have done his first interview with Greg Street instead of with L.A.'s Big Boy following his recent album release in Wyoming.
  • The Essence Festival should be in Atlanta and not in New Orleans.
  • BET should be headquartered in Atlanta not Los Angeles or New York 
Does he make sense or not?

What is your opinion?... 

Watch the video to hear Frank Ski's take on Atlanta. Wanda Smith and Isaac differed in their opinion from Frank. It's something that Atlanta lacks.

After the watching the interview we're of the opinion that Issac explained the problem about why Atlanta is not recognized as the media hub for Black America without knowing it. People move to Atlanta but can't let go of the separatist mentality that exist within. Everyone is from somewhere else and they are sure to let you know. There is a lack of trust in the city and the surrounding suburban area among people that live there. That's one reason that's preventing folks from coming together to build the structure he is looking for.

Let's not forget also the overall population size of the city of Atlanta is less than a half a million people, when you compare it to Los Angeles or New York, it's a pretty small city. Therefore the people in power in the city don't necessarily have the ability or resources to affect change in the suburban counties surrounding Atlanta.

Another thing is the entertainment/music industry is not something that will build infrastructure for a community especially within one generation. Atlanta represents Urban/Hip Hop Culture (whatever that is define as...) not Black or African American Culture. (Where's the Art, Education, Music outside of Hip Hop, the Great Writers, the Thinkers?) The music industry is a fickle business. Fame is a fleeting thing. Here today. Gone tomorrow. When future generations can say I was born in Atlanta and my parents are from Atlanta then maybe that structure will begin to be established. It's going to take some time for that to happen.

Whatever your opinion, one thing for sure, Frank Ski is one of the BEST local morning radio host in the country regardless of format. He would make a great nationally syndicated host. He is best known for hosting The Frank Ski Show for the past three decades. The up-tempo lifestyle program is designed to entertain, inspire and inform every day. Atlanta’s V103, Washington, DC’s WHUR and Baltimore’s V103 and 92Q have all placed their trust in him, where they experienced record breaking ratings during his broadcast time. He can surely engage an audience with controversial and provocative topics. Check out the following interview below with his co-host Miss Sophia, which may seem a bit controversial.

Checkout Frank Ski from Back In The Day...Perhaps this makes Frank Ski a celebrity. That seems to be a requirement or prerequisite for having a nationally syndicated radio show.

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