July 2, 2018

WTLC Indianapolis Celebrates 50 Years and Listeners Recall it’s Significance

In the article"50 years of impact: Locals celebrate WTLC’s significance in their lives" that residents of Indianapolis recall the day WTLC hit the airwaves at 105.7 FM as the city's first Black owned radio station.

“Although I don’t recall the first song that played on the radio, or what disc jockey that was on the air, that particular day, I can say that it was an emotional and eventful moment for every African-American that resides in Indianapolis, Indiana, and its surrounding area,” Stigger said. “Everywhere you turned, people were blasting their radio to the sound of soul music, our music.”

WTLC is celebrating a half a century of not only playing popular music by Black artists but also serving the greater Indianapolis community. Founded by Dr. Frank L. Lloyd, WTLC previously was owned by Emmis Communications before becoming part of the Urban One family. As the radio station switched owners it also switched stations on the FM dial, moving from 105.7 to 106.7. Under Emmis ownership, gospel music moved to sister station AM 1310 The Light. Throughout the changes, however, WTLC’s listeners remained faithful.

Read the full article at the Indianapolis Recorder.

Here are some images that reflect the changes at WTLC over their 50 years in existence.

WTLC old logo
Image result for WTLC

Image result for WTLC

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