August 17, 2018

Wife of WDAS' Quiet Storm Host Tony Brown Post Go Fund Me Page for His Medical Expenses

My husband, Tony Brown, has been very ill since the beginning of 2018. Many of you know Tony from his nightly radio show, The Quiet Storm, on WDAS-FM in Philadelphia. He has been broadcasting for 46+ years. Tony is currently under medical care which is very costly, and our health insurance refuses to cover most of it. I am asking for help to continue getting him the care that he desperately needs. All donations are greatly appreciated, and will go only toward his care!

Most of all, we are asking for your prayers!

Thank you in advance!
Sunshine Brown

Click the image to go to Tony Brown's Medical Fund page

UPDATE from Sunshine Brown -1/20/19

It has been almost a year since Tony became seriously ill. I have decided to share more details with you all, as we very much need your prayers and support.

In January of 2018, Tony began having a series of mini strokes. In April, he had a brain bleed, which has left him non - verbal, immobile, and on a feeding tube. He has made a little progress...He smiles, laughs, says a few words, has started eating soft foods, and understands some things. But the extent of his recovery is uncertain, at this point. He receives around the clock skilled nursing care. Our insurance will not cover the cost of most of his care.

This has been a very trying time, but our faith has not [sic] waivered.

We ask for your continued prayers and support, and we are so appreciative!

God bless you all!
Love always,
Sunshine Brown

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  1. Tony Brown has touched my heart and my soul in so many ways. He was a phenomenal dj. I want to thank him for providing his audience with great music. He knew what music to play at the right time. I thank MiMi as well. She too, knew exactly what to do to keep WDAS mature listeners satisfied. As for Mr. Colon, I am not pleased. In my opinion, the music he plays is more appealing to the younger generation. The generation who has no idea what good music is. I am trying my best to remain a loyal listener, but I am not pleased at all.
    I wish Mr and Mrs. Brown the best, and again. Thank you Mr. Brown.


  2. Thanks Toney,and the universe for sharing that awesome voice that kept me mesmerized, I spent many Midnight's ushering in my birthday with you and thanking God 🙏 as you reminded us to do, Brown in space kept my imagination reeling, Thanks for the memories, I'LL always love you,God bless you

  3. Tony, I finally found the song I wrote you about long ago " Before You Break My Heart " by Gene Dunlap.
    I miss u dearly so many wonderful memories and music. I stayed up for the Midnight specials on Sunday nights ,I remember when you featured Anita Bakers Angel album until its release and you playing Jennifer Holiday's And Im Telling You before closing your show so many memories. Prayers and blessings for comfort rest and peace for you and Sunshine Love U Tony! To God be the glory!


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