November 12, 2018

Bigg aka Chunky Exits 105.1 The Bounce

Bigg has parted ways with Beasley Media Detroit's Classic Hip-Hop “105.1 The Bounce” (WMGC). Taking over mornings at the station will be the former afternoon program “Gello Show.” Deongello ‘Gello’ Vanorsby and co-host Joanna Tuttle will make the move starting next Monday.

Bigg also know as Chunky as well as ,Big Boy has been a popular host in Charlotte, Boise, Memphis, New York, San Diego, Philadelphia, and Portland. Bigg also hosted at Detroit's Channel 955 and returned to the Motor City on Bounce 105.1 in March 2017 with the on-air name of "Big Boy." 

Image result for big boy radioiHeartMedia soon sent a cease and desist due to the syndicated Big Boy's Neighborhood out of Los Angeles' Real 92.3. (Not that anyone would confuse the two. One is slightly "bigg" and he other has slimmed down quite a lot over the years.) From there he took on the name Bigg. Shay Shay, co-host on The Morning Bounce will move to middays replacing the voice tracked Suga Rae. 


  1. That sux! They became my favorite morning show... Gello n joanna 👎👎

  2. Miss Bigg and Shay Shay the bounce has just lost a listener. Gello and Joanna sux. Boring show not interested in any of there bs. It should be called the Beavis and butthead show or dumb and summer.

  3. Big and shay shay made my day I'm from the Detroit and I listen to them here in Ohio

  4. These stations really need to get it together and stop getting rid of all of their stars. This is why I listen to streamed music. First my 89x morning show and now this crap. smh

  5. *sigh*, absolutely HATE Gello n Joanna, boring, not funny and her voice grates my nerves..oh well, back to cd's and other stations.

  6. Ok just realize the shiggidy going this morning. Immediately went back to sirus. What the hick really happened?

  7. I don't know what really went down with Bigg and Shay show, but I miss them together. They truly made my morning. Gello and Joanna were good in their original afternoon slot, but still haven't gotten used to them for the morning. Not doin' it for me.

  8. It was popping when it was bigg foolish and shay idk what's going on on the bounce mabey changing of the guard? cause I liked sugar and Reggie reg I think they tryna make another big move Im thinking bushman is coming soon 👊 gello is cool I think they will eventually need a 3rd host. never like Joanna she just never fit it seems like she's at the wrong station to me they need to dumb her role down and make her do news and traffic and get a good ass funny person to fill in if not his show will lose ratings fast and they will be next on the chopping block I just hope they don't go syndicated after that keep it Detroit!


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