August 7, 2019

Guy Brody UPDATE and GoFundMe Medical Support for the Veteran On Air Personality

We would like to express our sincere condolences to the family and friends of radio veteran Guy Broady, who passed away late Monday evening/early Tuesday morning (August 6th) in an Atlanta area facility. He had been diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer.

Guy, who used his last name without the letter "a' as his on-air moniker, had worked in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Orleans, Baltimore, Baton Rouge, New York, and Dallas. No arrangements have been announced. RIP Guy. Read our original post and support the family.

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ORIGINAL POST: 7/30/2019

Veteran on air personality "Guy Brody" has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Brain Cancer. He is currently being cared for in a facility in Marietta, Georgia and a fundraising page has been set up to help raise money to pay for the facility.

The family thanks you in advance for your help.

-From Marc Broady and siblings via their father's GoFundMe page

I know most of you are familiar with Guy Broady, but for those who are not, he worked as a radio personality and entertainer for many decades, in major markets such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Baltimore, Baton Rouge, New York and Dallas.  This go fund me is being sent by his 4 children and family. Please contact me directly if you have any specific questions. Guy Broady is very ill, stage 4 brain cancer came in and within 6 weeks took him from a fully functional, healthy and self supporting person, to cognitive impairment and unable to care for himself.

His children have been by his side throughout, but insurance companies and healthcare system make it very difficult for families in this position. Guy cannot speak for himself, or make decisions. We have been through much hurt since May 1st, much of which has come from realizing how hard the hospitals, facilities and insurance companies make it on the family. The prognosis is very poor and we are asking for financial assistance providing the care, dignity and comfort we know he deserves during his last months in this physical world before he returns to his creator.  Thank you all for your prayers, thoughts and support.

His children are relatively young with their own families, and this type of sudden diagnosis and level of care needed is causing us to use the tools available to request any assistance you can provide.  He needs 24 hour professional care, assistance with everything from communication to eating and dressing, and to do this for him in a manner that we feel he deserves, it will cost us substantially. God bless. Click Here to Support

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