August 29, 2019

Nas and Mary J. Blige Talk About Their First Time...On the Radio

Mary J. Blige said, “The first time I ever heard ‘You Remind Me,’ I was on the West Side Highway with one of my girlfriends in their jeep. It came on the radio, and I just was like, ‘Whoa!’ DJ Red Alert played it [on 98.7 KISS-FM]. Red Alert broke it, and after that, the song was just everywhere. And I was still living in the projects! It was crazy; it was an amazing moment. I just thanked God right away, ’cause I knew something had happened.”

Nas recalls (but doesn't mention the station), “I was walking around my neighborhood [in Queensbridge], and there was a bunch of older guys on the corner. I thought I heard ‘Live at the Barbecue’ — a Main Source record with me at the top — coming on, and I was trying to get these guys’ attention to listen, but they were lit . . . so I couldn’t even [let them know] that it was me. As long as they didn’t change the station, I didn’t care anyway. I just stood there with them and listened to it, with a smile on my face.”

Chances are Nas' bars on 'Live at the Barbecue' were heard on Red Alert's show or Mr. Magic's Rap Attack on WBLS. Two legendary DJ's that held down Hip Hop on the radio in New York City.

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Here are the songs from Mary and Nas:

**(ex)plicit** lyrics

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