April 11, 2020

DJ Jazzy Jeff is ALL GOOD Throws A Magnificent House Party in Your Kitchen

The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff made a return to the turntables on Saturday for all of us (because we're all stuck in the house) and created a 90 minute set that was amazing. Check out the replay below.

Jeff had indicated on several social media posts a few weeks ago that he was suffering from flu-like symptoms that seemed to be related to the coronavirus. We're glad to see he has recovered. A few days ago he made the following statement:

Here’s a update!!! Since I’ve heard everything from critical condition to intense care...I wanted to set the record straight before my set for The Do Over!! I sincerely appreciate all the well wishes!!! #KeepYoAssInTheHouse

The best DJ in the world!

Updated DJ Jazzy will mix live every Saturday. Here is his latest mix.

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